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A little history of Nature camp at Wolverine

Ralph Congdon had a vision for a Nature Camp at Wolverine.  His vision was to have a camp for your son or daughter to experience God in a nature camp environment.   His love for kids and 50 years in the Boy Scouts encouraged all who volunteered to serve as adult councilor’s in the past and present nature camps.  Ralph was there from the start of the first nature camp the summer of 2010, and with lots of work, the Nature camp was a success. We had a great week of camp during the summer of 2013.  Ralph was brought to tears “saying it was the best camp yet” that summer.  He never made it to another camp as he passed away May 20, 2014. Ralph made a lasting impression on many of us.  His knowledge of scouting, his love for God, and the love to teach kids was contagious.  He left a legacy of love.   Rich Ryan, Shannon Rhodes, Sissy Howard, Jeff Nolte and many others are helping keep that legacy alive.  The vision Ralph started is still going and we want you to know we are excited and looking forward to this year’s Nature Camp.

What to expect

Nature Campers will sleep in tents, eat outdoors, and hang out under the trees.  This camp is all about getting to know God, learning about nature, and having fun with games and activities.  We will also go canoeing if weather and river conditions permit, which is many campers favorite activity during week long camp.

Some possible activities during week long Nature Camp

Daily bible study devotions, animal tracks, canoeing, fishing, swimming, hiking, whittling, fire starting (flint and steel), build a shelter/lean to, gaga ball, archery, disc golf, rockets, flag ceremonies, fire side songs.







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