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Partner With Us

Our mission at WCSC is to "Impact Lives for Eternity".  We are only able to do this Kingdom work because of  the support that we receive from our churches and individuals who donate to our cause. We are grateful beyond words to those who choose to donate to the work we do here. If you have a passion for seeing students discipled, and brought to Christ through a week of camp, please consider partnering with us to continue this ministry!

A week of summer camp for a student costs us around $600 when it is all said and done. Between meals, staffing, programming costs, and general upkeep of the facilities, these expenses can start to stack up quickly. The out of pocket cost for most campers is right around $300 which is half of what it actually costs us. Another quarter of that cost is covered by the churches that donate throughout the year. That leaves around $150 from every camper that is unaccounted for. This is why we desperately need individuals like yourself, who are passionate about the Kingdom work that we are privileged to be a part of here at Wolverine. Our hope is to keep our camper costs as low as possible in order to afford as many opportunities to share the Gospel as possible.

If you have the ability to support our low camp prices, please consider donating to our mission. We love ministering to campers and showing them the love of Christ, and that will continue to be made possible with your help!

Other Ways to Give


If you would like to financially support the mission here at WCSC, click below for an easy, secure way to donate! 


If you would like to get more involved in the Kingdom work that takes place out at WCSC, please reach out and contact us! We are always looking for volunteers to work at a week of camp!


Please be in prayer for the volunteers and staff that spend their free time ministering to the campers that join us here! Also be in prayer for the hearts of the students being ministered to during our programs. 

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