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The most Frequently Asked Questions


Will my child be safe?

Wolverine goes to great lengths to keep a safe environment at our summer camps. We keep at least a 10 to 1 student/facility ratio during waking hours and at last a 14 to 1 ratio during sleeping hours. A health officer is always present during camp. The health officer will be a certified medical first responder, RN, LPN, MD or DO.

What should my child pack?

  • Headgear: Bandannas, Baseball Caps, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Swimming Goggles, cloth mask

  • Clothing: T-shirts/tank tops, Shorts, Long Pants, Jeans, Sweater/Sweatpants, Swim Suit, Pajamas and Robe, Underwear, Socks

  • Footwear: Boots, Tennis Shoes, Socks

  • Gear: Bags/Duffels/Totes, Books/Magazines, Fan, Flashlight/Batteries, Reusable Water Bottle/Canteen, Writing Paper/Envelopes/Stamps, Disposable Camera

  • Bed and Bath: Towels-Bath/Hand/Beach, Blanket, Pillow and Pillow Case, Sheets, Sleeping Bag, Laundry Bag

  • Bathroom Kit: Shower caddy, Brush/Comb, Shampoo, Soap/Soap Container, On-the-go hand santizer, Toothbrush/Holder, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Anti-itch Ointment, Insect Repellent, Feminine Products, Sunblock

  • Bible

  • Money for canteen and missions

  • Nature campers should also pack: rain gear; a sweatshirt or light jacket; closed shoes (e.g., hiking boots or an extra pair of tennis shoes; due to the rugged ground cover) Special note: sandals, flip-flops, etc., are not to be worn in the nature camp site but nice for the swimming pool/showers

Is there anything he/she should leave at home? 

Yes, please DO NOT Bring:

  • Valuables

  • Electronics: Phone, IPod, Video Games, Tablets

  • Nice Cloths

  • Weapons/Knives

  • Fireworks

When do I drop off my child for check in?

  • Sunday 3:30-5:00 pm(First Chance Camp:Thursday 4pm-5pm),  please do not arrive before the above window of time. This allows us to be as prepared as possible.  Drive straight to the main parking lot in order to start the check in process.  Your campers bags may be left in the car until after your camper has completed the medical screening.   You will be greeted and directed to the appropriate line for registration.

When do I pick up my child for checkout?

  • Friday 4pm-5pm(First Chance Camp: Saturday 4pm-5pm), follow the sidewalk to the front of the main building.  Campers will be in the sanctuary waiting for you.  Any medication can be picked up from the nurses station on your way out.

What do I do with my child’s prescription and over the counter medications?


  • All meds will be dropped off with the health officer at check-in. No meds are kept in the dorms.

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