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Facilities and Lodging

Wolverine offers 90 acres of secluded open spaces and plenty of wooded trails to enjoy. Our facilities are open for retreats and rentals from August through October.

Miller Hall

Our main facility houses a commercial kitchen, dining hall, restrooms and our sanctuary/general meeting room. The sanctuary has full audio/visual capabilities for whatever your rental might require. If you have any questions about needs or requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Wolverine has two cabins for housing, each separated into four wings. Each of our cabins are outfitted with two bathrooms and each can house 48 people.

Picnic Shelters

We have three pavilions available for use around the camp property. These structures are ideal for outdoor dining and also large group games when the weather is inclement. These will all be available to you, should your rental require them.


Our inground, heated pool is available for rent and usage during your stay here. Please specify a time frame in which you would like to use it in your rental request.

Other Activities

Along with the use of our facilities, there are a number of activities that are available to you during your stay.

Our archery range is excellent for having a friendly competition or to teach skills and grow your groups teamwork and confidence!


Please note on your rental request if you would like to include the range in your package.

Disc Golf

We also have a 9 hole disc golf course that will take you on a scenic path through the lesser traveled portions of camp. If you require discs for the course, please let us know and we will be happy to loan you some.

Canoe Rental

One of the favorite activities that campers enjoy out at camp is the canoe trips. WCSC is situated on the banks of the Flint river and we have 8 canoes waiting for you to use and enjoy!

If you would like to take a canoe trip during your stay, please include the number of participants in your rental request.

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