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The health and safety of campers and staff is a top priority at Wolverine Christian Service Camp. As we excitedly prepare to open for the 2022 season, we also want to address any questions or concerns parents have about how we will be protecting their camper.

We have spent countless hours reviewing the state and federal COVID guidelines for residential camps, and we will be strictly following these recommendations. 

We realize that students need the interaction and freedom that a week of camp provides, but also know that there needs to be changes made to ensure we are providing the safest environment for our students.  

Hand Sanitizing- Hand sanitizing stations will be placed in every dorm room, common area, and in the cafeteria. Staff will be trained in requiring all campers to sanitize every time they enter or exit a building. Campers will also be required to wash their hands before meal times. 

Social Distancing- We are putting limitations on the number of kids in all spaces of camp, mitigating large groups, and limiting the number of campers in each housing area. We will also ensure that students in each area of camp do not interact with one another, ensuring social distancing, and eliminating cross-camp interactions. We will also implement "do your part, stay 6 feet apart" signage in indoor spaces. 

No Hand Touching – To take social distancing a step further, we will no longer hold hands during prayer, give one another high fives or fist bumps, or gather close together for celebrations. These will be replaced with new ways of interaction that remove hand touching.

No Shared Items – New protocol will be in place that eliminates handling shared items whenever possible.

Keeping It Clean – Summer leaders will lead daily mandatory cleanings in all team/cabin spaces using EPA disinfectant products. Staff will be trained in these procedures prior to the start of camp and will be held accountable through daily checklists and audits. A deep cleaning of bathrooms, offices, and shared spaces will occur at the end of every week. Activity areas will be sanitized between each activity block or camper group. Bathrooms, classrooms, and common spaces will be cleaned at lunch and after camp daily. 

Training and Orientation - At the beginning of each week, all campers will be trained on updated safety protocols which include practicing good hygiene and social distancing. Staff will receive training on updated protocols, additional care, daily temperature checks, and action steps to take if a child gets sick.  

Daily Temperature Checks - Every morning each child and summer leader will have their temperature checked and logged. If a temperature comes back higher than the states determined standard, they will be further evaluated by the camp nurse. 

Lowering Risk – In the event that a child or staff member becomes sick with an illness that could spread, they will move to a designated quarantine area and our medical team will implement a quarantine protocol that works to identify, control, and contain the illness.

Limiting Exposure – We will be limiting the number of non-program staff, visitors, and vendors on our properties during camp weeks to help limit exposure to illness.

Partnering with Parents – We know that you put the health and safety of your child at the top of your list, and we want to make sure that all campers have a safe and fun time at WCSC. That’s why we are asking you to keep your kids home if they’ve experienced a fever or illness within 72 hours of their camp arrival date. If you are unsure about bringing your child, you can call our office ahead of time and we will work with you on the best possible plan.

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